The 2000 series
'00 NABI 40-LFW
The 2000 series are NABI 40-LFW (40', Low Floor Wide) low floor coaches. Ninety-six coaches numbered 2001-2096
were delivered in 2000. The first 20 or so buses delivered were actually numered 0001-0020, them renumbered
2001-2020. The rest of the order was actually delivered without the fleet numbers and the number decals were
applied in-house. They are powered with the Detroit Diesel Series 50 engine coupled to the Allison B500R
transmission. Bus 2021 was delivered with the now standard bright amber destination sign. Bus 2055 had non-skid
floor with the M logo, and 2095 and 2096 have sliding windows. About 90% of the fleet is still in service today.
Bus 2054, six years old and looking good on a charter for the Motor Bus Society. Bus 2054 was rebuilt after a brake
fire and is still in service today.
0001, later to become 2001 parked by preserved GM coach 647.
Bus 2075 at DLS. Bus 2075 is still in service at CWD as of
January 2016.
Bus 2021 sporting bright amber colored destination sign.
Bus 2030 after delivery at Central with no number decals.
Bus 2096 equipped with sliding windows. This bus was retired
in November 2015 after 15 years of service.
A recent picture of bus 2004 in the updated