The  2100/2200 series NABI Low Floors
2002 NABI 40-LFW
The 2100 series NABI order consisted of 110 buses numbered 2101-2210. They are powered by the Detroit Diesel
Series 50 with the Allison B500R automatic. They were the first buses with the bright amber destination signs. Buses
2196-2205 had sliding windows. Buses 2206-2210 had overhead luggage compartments and motorcoach type reading
lights and AC vents. Buses 2208-2210 were used on the MIA Tri-Rail shuttles, they have since been re-assigned to
Coral Way Division. Bus 2208 was retired in the Summer of 2015..
Bus 2198 with sliding windows on the 40 OWL. The 40 has lost its Owl service but 2198 continues to labor on at Coral
Way Division.
Bus 2181 northbound on the 136 on the Busway. Update: Bus 2181 was retired in the Spring of 2015 despite receiving
a new power pack.  
Bus 2150 was once Central's VIP bus, now it resides at Coral Way Division.
Interior picture of 2206 showing the luggage compartments and the individual AC vents and lights.
Bus 2182 on the Route 7A in downtown Miami. Bus 2182 is still in service at CWD.
Bus 2200 on the route 51 on Miami Beach. The popular Route 51 no longer serves Miami Beach, but bus 2200 is still in service.