The 3100 series NABI Low Floors
2003 NABI 40-LFW
The popular 3100 series NABI 40-LFW (40' Low Floor Wide) numbers 100 buses and were delivered in 2003 with fleet
numbers 3101-3200. They are powered with the Detroit Diesel Series 50 engine and the Allison B500R transmission.
Like the rest of the low floor series, they seat 38 passengers. Bus 3154 and above came with luggage racks. Bus
3196-3200 with different type seating. All are still in service as of January 2016.
Bus 3144 on a charter for the Motor Bus Society
Bus 3115 next to 9729.
Bus 3168 northbound on the Busway on Route 38 in March 2004.
Interior shot of 3200 with the luggage racks and the different style seats.