The 5100/5200 series NABI Low Floors
2005 NABI 40-LFW
The 5100/5200 series is a 109 bus order from North American Bus Industries (NABI). Detroit Diesel discontinued the Series 50 engines, so these buses were ordered with the Cummins ISM powerplant mated to an Allison B500R transmission. These are the first buses delivered in MDT's new blue/green "checkerboard" livery.  Bus 5109 demoed the new livery on a silver backround and buses 5171 and above were delivered in silver.
Bus 5102 shortly after delivery.
Bus 5116 poses with the S.T.O.P.S. fleet at the MDT Roadeo in 2005.
Bus 5109 showcasing the silver livery and 5188 with 2054 on a charter.
Bus 5188 at the JGT Transportation garage in Homestead on a charter for the Motor Bus Society.