The MDT "6100 series"
2006 NABI 40-LFW
The 6100 series consists of 76 buses numbered 6101-6176 delivered in 2006. They were delivered in the new
silver/green/blue livery and have the same features and powertrain of the 5100/5200 series. They seat 38 and are
powered by the Cummins ISM coupled to the Allison B500R transmission. Most of the 6100s are in service at Coral
Way Division,
Bus 6140 at Central yard, this bus has been since transferred to CWD.
Bus 6106 on the route 137.
Bus 6122 leaves Hialeah Gardens eastbound on its maiden run on the 33 headed to Miami Shores and Little
River. Due to a bus shortage, this bus was running out of the Medley division. It is now running out of Coral
Way Division as most of the 6100 series.