The MCI Commuter coaches 6700 series
2006 MCI D4500
MDT purchased 13 fully equipped MCI D4500 coaches  in 2006. They came with motorcoach style interior including
AM/FM/CD/DVD, LCD monitors, and power outlets. They were originally intended for the 175 Express route into
Western Broward. When that did not work out, they were assigned to the 34 Flyer route from DLS to Florida City via
the Busway. That has been a huge success as over 90% of the departures leave with a full seated load of 57 happy
passengers. They are powered by the Detroit Diesel Series 60 and the Allison B500R transmission. Update: As of
December 2015, all but 6713 were transported to Northeast to be used on the 95 Express. Bus 6707 and 6708 have
been retired.
Bus 6701 on a county charter.
Motorcoach 6705 posing by the Biltmore hotel.
Interior shot of the greatest commuter coach since the "Streakers."
Bus 6705 transporting Miss Florida pageant contestants around town.
The commuter coaches lined up at Coral Way yard at idle on this weekend day.