MDT 9900 series Low Floors
1999 NABI 40-LFW
The 9900 series NABI 40-LFW (40' long Low Floor Wide) was a 93 bus order delivered in late 1999 numbered
9901-9993. They are powered by the Detroit Diesel Series 50 engine coupled to the Allison B500R transmission, Bus
9951 and above and all future NABI orders came with NABI's stainless steel frame to prevent corrosion. Forty-eight
of the 93 buses are currently in active service.
Bus 9910 evacuating residents from a trailer park after flooding rains struck the city. Bus 9910 is still in service at
Northeast (lifer) as of January 2016.
Bus 9948 getting ready to make an emergency trip on the 236 due to overcrowding. Update: bus 9948 is still in
service at Central Division after a brief stint and major repair at Coral Way, January/2016. Line 236 has since
been discontinued.
Bus 9964 ready to pull out of Central Division on the L back in 2000. Bus 9964 is still in
service at Northeast Division as of January 2016.