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GM "New Looks" (fishbowls)  TDH 5302 "300" series 1960.

GM "New Looks" (fishbowls)   1964 TDH 5304 "200" series.

GM "New Looks" (fishbowls) 1966 TDH 5304 "800" series.

GM "New Looks" (fishbowls)  TDH 5304 "400" series 1967.

GM "New Looks" (fishbowls)  T8H 5306 "100 series"  1971 model.

GM "New Looks" (fishbowls) "200 series" ex Coral Gables.

GM "New Looks" (fishbowls) 80 series ex Gray Lines fleet.

Flxible "New Looks" 1973 "500" series.

Flxible "New Looks" 1974  "The Streakers".

AMGeneral 1976 "Blue Dash" series.

AMGeneral Metropolitans  1976 "600/700 series".

Flxible "New Looks" 1978 "400 series".

GMC 1980/1981 RTS II.

Flxible Metro  1987 "7000/7100" series.

Flxible Metro 1988 "8000" series.

Flxible Metro  1990 "9000" series.

Flxible Metro  1992 "9200" series.

Flxible Metro 1993 "9300" series.

Flxible Metro 1994 "9400" series.

Ikarus 436 1994 "articulated" 4000 series.

Ikarus 436 1995 "articulated" 5000 series.

NABI model 416 1998 "9700" series.

NABI model 40-LFW 1999 "9800" series.

NABI model 40-LFW 1999 "9900" series.

NABI model 40-LFW 2000 "2000" series.

NABI model 40-LFW 2002 "2100/2200" series.

NABI model 40-LFW 2003 "3100" series.

NABI model 40-LFW 2004 "4100" series.

NABI model 40-LFW 2005 "5100/5200" series.

NABI model 40-LFW 2006 "6100" series.

MCI D4500 Commuter Coaches.

NABI 9100 series Hybrid Coaches

New Flyer DE62LFA 9500 series

Gillig Advantage 10100 series

Gillig Midibus 12300 series

Gillig Advantage 14100 series

NABI 60 LFW-BRT 15500 series

Minibuses and midi-buses.
GM Old Looks pre-1960 and Southerns
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