The GMC RTS order was the largest in the agency's history. Two hundred and sixty ADB (Advance Design Buses) were
delivered in 1980 and early 1981 numbered 1000-1259. They were the first buses delivered with power steering. They
had fiberglass side panels and doors mounted on stainless steel frames. They also featured cushioned seats, deep
tinted windows, PA system, high back driver's seat, tilt steering, and were powered by the new Detroit Diesel 6V92
engine mated to the Allison V730 three-speed transmission. In 1989, forty buses (1220-1259) were leased to
Greyhound Lines Inc. for the federally funded Private Enterprise Participation (PEP) project that the then
Republican administration forced on the agency. MDTA and Greyhound competed on five parallel routes to see who
could do it cheaper. A little over a year into the three-year project GLI abruptly pulled out. MDTA took the buses
back, and they were trashed. All were deemed unfit for service. MDTA scrapped quite a few of them, the others
were refurbished and put back into service. In 1991, MDTA leased eight RTSes to Mayflower and were re-numbered
1-8 in another privatization attempt. Those buses were scrapped at the end of lease. In 1992, MDTA started
refurbishing the RTS fleet.  The coaches received new floors, air ride driver's seat, Vultron electronic destination
signs, and hard plastic seats. They were retired in 1999, when the 9800/9900 series NABI low floor coaches replaced
them. Bus 1207 was the last RTS to run. Some of the RTS buses were converted into mobile command units.
Community Coach of West Palm Beach bought and re-sold quite a few of them. Some went over to Disney Transport
who operated them until 2012. Bus 1017 is still on the property and we hope it will be preserved.
Bus 1206 at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach and the 1000 parked behind a supervisor vehicle.
Bus 1003 as a Miami-Dade Police Command unit and bus 1253 at CBD Terminal in downtown Miami.
Bus 1052 in downtown Miami and bus 1199 at Central yard.
Bus 1254 on the W in Miami Beach and bus 1259 as a MDPD mobile command unit.
Bus 1097 at the Community Coach yard in West Palm Beach, This bus was sold
and converted into a mobile home.
Some of the re-numbered RTS buses that were leased to
Mayflower sitting at a yard in Medley.